Formal Semiotics

Instructor: Warren Techentin
Program: Drone Hub and Office in Downtown Los Angeles
Year: Spring 2018, USC
Studio: Architecture Design IV

Part 1:
In the age of immediate gratification and speed, there has been a growing need for faster deliveries. In recent years, Amazon has pro- posed and investigated the use of drones in suburbs. After a consum- er orders, drones are released from the hub and recognizes locations based on a series of coordination points, GPS, bluetooth and a land- ing mat (as an identification form for the drone) that the consumer puts on their yard. In an urban setting, I am proposing a drone delivery booth operated through a drone app that could potentially re-vitalize and re-purpose the roofscape. Here, instead of a mat, the form of the delivery Hubs becomes the signage for drop off and size.

Part 2:
Various needs and functions must be met for incubators in the city from quiet spaces to meetings, sleeping and relaxing. In this incubator, every other floor is used for the introverted, while the rest are for extroverts-this is expressed by the vaulted individual rooms that becomes cubicles for activities, while the extroverted floor are symbolized by free open spac- es. Those two spaces do not exist separately-they merge and become one at points through a series of continuous circulation that ends at the rooftop garden. The same circulation allows various activities and the line between floor slab and circulation becomes blurred.