Flat Contradiction

Instructors: Oliver Lutjens, Thomas Padmanabhan
Program: Harvard University student housing for Computer Science majors in Cambridge MA
Year: Spring 2020, GSD
Studio: Geometry, Order and Mannerism
She may seem straightforward, but is full of contradictions. Her pathway is choreo- graphed in such a way that the it leads you to the end, and all the way to the front once again to reach home. Along the way, you may encounter wild gardens, large walls, miniature herbal plants and some inhabitants, but mostly only their presen- ce. Through that seemingly very linear path, one will soon notice that she (the des- tination) cannot be reached without wandering. Within her i beam walls are smaller branches of aluminum, within the rectangular body are zigzagging of furnitures, a seemingly simple building is a series five different fields and gradients of different sizes and function.